Whether you are a small home-based business or a large corporation, we realize how difficult it can be finding qualified internet professionals to provide you with assistance, guidance and support, your business needs to implement or expand your company's presence online.

At FutureNetServices, we offer professional consulting services to help your company reach the most efficient and effective Internet solutions. Meet your online needs. Our experienced web consultants can help your company save money by showing you how to use the Internet to expand your market while reducing the costs.

From web site design and concept development to website analysis and internet marketing, our experienced consultants can help your company succeed online.

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Future Net Services is a non-profit effort. All services are offered solely on a voluntary basis and are 100% free of charge.

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Future Net Services

Our team consists of experts in their own distinctive fields. Together we are able to unleash the full power of all available resources. We have the knowledge and the experience to unfold ideas into an online marketing strategy developing or maximizing your Internet activities focussing on countable success. Make us responsible for your success!

Dedicated to provide the highest level of creativity and expertise to our clients, we provide services in three distinctive fields of the Internet:

- Internet Consulting Services
- Web Development
- Online Marketing

By combining these three approaches we are able to consider all facets of the internet: Technology, Media & Business. FutureNetServices consults and accompanies you on your way to start, delivering the best possible and tailored solutions for your company.


- Analysis
- Development
- Administration
- Maintenance
- E-Marketing
- Consulting
- Web Design
- Web Rebuild


FutureNetServices is dedicated to providing design and programming solutions on and off the Internet. We specialize in the design, creation, hosting and management of custom web sites.
Our team of graphic designers, programmers and marketing specialists take advantage of the latest Internet and web technologies to create fully interactive and functional web sites.
Some of our development services:

Strategic Planning and Concept Development
Advanced HTML, PHP Web Page Development
CGI/Perl Programming
Database Design and Development
Web Site Hosting and Maintenance
Graphic Design

FutureNetServices can create a site for your company that will become your most valuable and cost-effective marketing tool. Your web site will enable your clients and potential customers to quickly find the information they need to conduct business with you.


With a fresh ideas FutureNetServices knows well the market of web development. We took a step back and looked at the marketplace. And we know what a company needs in the website administration field.
We offer our clients exactly what they need to make their web projects come alive.
Today, companies want to add functionality in their websites and so there is a real need for the high-value and robust services that FutureNetServices offers.


FutureNetServices will develop with you a system to ensure that your Web Site information is kept current at all times. And it is not a lot of work on your part. All you have to do is e-mail us the updates and we will do the rest.
Some of our standard maintenance services are:

Registration and renewal of the Domain name
Design and redesign of web pages
Images editing and update
Design and update of form pages
Material updates
Links to other sites update
Frequent site registration to major search engines
Frequent input to various searchers
Email accounts maintenance
Monthly detailed statistics
Keep your Web Site visitors coming back by keeping your site current.

Internet Marketing

So you have a website? That's fine. But by the end of the year 2002 the total number of websites exceeded the worlds population!
Start thinking about eMarketing and how your website is contributing to your success. We will show you how to generate more traffic to your website. These visitors will eventually lead to more customers and sales and boost your overall revenues.
We will first analyse your current efforts and upon this research we will then evaluate the best marketing strategies and the most powerful marketing instruments for your specific situation. This may be the use of emails or newsletters, banner ads or paid listings or basic search engine marketing.
FutureNetServices provides a full range of online marketing services for your business.
Online marketing should no longer be neglected. As a full channel of your existing marketing mix it will maximize the traffic driven to your website. We will help you to cost-effectively generate revenue using interactive marketing services.
Your online success must be measured alongside your traditional marketing channels - by its impact on the bottom line. FutureNetServices can help ensure your web site lives up to the opportunity of the local and global online marketplace.

Planning & Placement

Today's internet media planning and placement is far more complex than it used to be. FutureNetServices will maximize your online ad campaigns by using:
- Full media planning - we develop a full and strategic media plan based on special online marketing methods
- Strategic web site research - we evaluate, analyse and recommend the most effective ways for your online marketing campaign
- Placement campaigns - we evaluate and place sponsored listings or keyword targeted campaigns for your business or products
- Sensitive media tracking - we will monitor closely how the chosen channels unfold and may adjust the plan according to the results and your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines and web directories are the perfect market to bring your company and future customers together. Our goal is to drive targeted traffic from search engines or web directories to your website and attract users who are interested in your products and services. Keyword targeted marketing in search engines or web diretories should be a major part of your online advertising campaign.

Google Ads Campaigns

  We are collaborating with Google Advertisements Certified Partners for best value   for money strategic placement and optimal advertisement targeting.

Banner & Email Marketing

Our banner and email marketing services will deliver valuable and targeted traffic to your website in a measured and cost effective way. We will deliver your message to a pre-selected audience. FutureNetServices technology will manage, deliver and track the effectiveness of your banner or email marketing campaigns:
- Direct marketing
- Newsletter marketing and management
- Banner campaigns
- Mailing Lists campaigns
- Rich media campaigns

In eBusiness the little "e" can boost your proven business model in a rather revolutionary way. Weather you want to use the internet for direct sales, for service and information purposes or for marketing issues, FutureNetServices will show you the way to incorporate the internet into your operations.
Our consulting philosophy is highlighted by the results-oriented approach and the strict commitment to our clients. Our first step is to fully understand your business focus and strategy.
We will review and analyze the internet activities of your direct competitors and your peer group as well as the whole sector you are operating in. So we shall include valuable information on the chances and possibilities using the internet for your specific business model.
FutureNetServices will recommend the best strategy. And we will give you insight details on how to implement the required internet resources.
You tell us what you want to accomplish; we then determine how to accomplish it.
At FutureNetServices, we maintain our client relationships by providing timely and quality services at the highest level.

Web Design is the selection and coordination of available components to create the layout and structure of a Web page. Nowadays there are many factors to be considered, not just the look of your presence:

- how long do visitors use your site?
- how likely do visitors are to return - and how often?
- how often do visitors buy or register?
- what is the navigation pattern of your vistitors?

Other important criterias are load time, overall appearance, logical structure & navigation, continuity, content, usability, actuality, etc.

In FutureNetServices we beleive that developing and executing a web design requires some important phases:

- Consulting - we will evaluate your long term and short term goals and demands and analyse your possible viewers.
- Design - we develop the look-and-feel and technological framework for the project.
- Construction - texts, images and applications are brought together.
- Implementation - the final product will be launched.
- Quality Assurance - we monitor and systematically analyse the success of the product after the launch.

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Future Net Services is a non-profit effort. All services are offered solely on a voluntary basis and are 100% free of charge.